Directed by Tom Speers
Directed by Tom Speers
Boy Saint
Poem by Peter LaBerge

In the beginning, we were one blood.

Then the body, stem of thorns, grew

its disagreement from the inside

out. Like all biblical stories, it begins

with a simple thorn, a natural secret

the body kept from itself. I open

the sealed envelope: everything in the sky

folded, gathered into one body. Shoulders,

the tightness of my mouth. Wounded

bird. Lightning fluttering between two boys

who want to be in a basement in a town

they dreamt up. Lightning in cities and towns

I’ve never been to, never heard of. I am

positive. I am not. I make a moon with sugar

and a damp thumb, watch its unlicked body

dissolve into memory. A couple of towns over

I am born and reborn. I am not. Not positive

until I say it. Until I taste it. Boys died and die

in bodies like this and don’t ghost, except

on voice messages their mothers play to keep

alive. They dress to grieve in churches. Inside

black moons. Blotted-out days. Separate from face,

posthumous thorn. Body liquefaction. I dream

about altar boys in ironed seersucker suits

pecking each other like swallows when dared. Boys

with whiskey-mark necks. Like a scream of darts

found them in the sanctuary’s locked basement

in the dark. One night, they drew it—the town 

they dreamt of, fences yellowed, clouds like the static

on the tv. Their only light. Knowing any other light

would wake one’s sleeping sister, her body

in the corner of the room’s mouth. Faithful,

moving only as God does. One night

in a symphony of nights. And He likes us

until he doesn’t. Like trees struck by lightning,

we aren’t visible until we’re on fire. Everything

depreciates like this once it’s been said. Unless

it is overheard. Unless it is shot in flight.


Tom Speers


Peter LaBerge

Executive Producers

Todd Boss
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Claire McGirr


Cian Speers


Kevin Treacy


Tom Speers


McKenzie Stubbert


Finn Gillespie
Lenar Gaffney

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Evan Hamilton
Raymond Scully


Dave McCurtain

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Aidan Gault
Gosia Zur

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Karl Walsh

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Meg O’Kelly

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Ciara O’Donovan

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Katy Moylan - Ali Coffey Casting

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Bryan Robson


David O’Mara

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Adam Bryne

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Promenade Post Production


Eoghan McKenna

Dubbing Mixer

Liam Yelen


Kaye Hynes

'Spem in Alium’, composed by Thomas Tallis.

Special Thanks

Volker Ehler - Vast Valley
Jason Foran - Teach Solais
Georgia McClure
Tamara Conyngham
Susan Gill
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“Boy Saint”, a poem by Peter LaBerge. ©2017 Peter LaBerge. Used by permission.
This poem originally appeared in Crazyhorse.


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