Directed by Jane Morledge
Directed by Jane Morledge
Cell Watch: Strip Cell
Poem by Susannah Nevison

Consider the cell not as you see it

but as it comes to be: a world

unto itself, the garden, uncharted

and rife with wildness, beasts unnamed.

One man to one small room—you

grant him dominion so that he might

render the room expansive and rich,

his kingdom, stretch his mind

indefinitely. But since this is the beginning

of the world, it’s up to you

to define the edges, contour

the known, to introduce the common

language: show him how this world

is nothing more than God’s hand

grenade spinning through the air.

From the burning, you won’t save him.

You’ll build a room within a room,

another world to hold what’s left

of this one. A box, rough pomegranate

wood, inlaid. Inside, a body’s rough

material, a gift to God, a rib.

A Film by

Jane Morledge

A Poem by

Susannah Nevison

Executive Producers

Todd Boss
Egg Creative
Claire McGirr


Fernando Morillo

Associate Producers

Sonia Mohr
William Mohr
Jayson Jackson

Production Support

Pier 59
Eleventh Street Workshop
The Underground

Director of Photography

Casey Showalter


Colin Reilly

Production Designer

Lou Asaro

Sound Composer

Andre Pluess

The Prisoner

Din Yates

Guard #1

Jersone Loston

Guard #2

Tristen Waldroop

Guard #3

Cody Jones

Assistant Director

Weston Bingham

1st AC 

Nick Korompila

2nd AC/DIT

Sebastian Meltz-Collazokey


Dean Dodos

Best Boy

Eliot Oppenheimer

Key Grip

Sean Greene


Hallie Neely


Williams Woods


Zarina B Mak

The Underground
VFX/ Colorist

Nic Seresin


Yvonne Apollonio

Prop Stylist

Sasha Flimlin

Set Decorator

Adam Cooper

Costume DEsigner

Joshua Safalow

Hair & Makeup

Mark Edio

Hair & Makeup

Meghan Gibson

Production Assistant

Utsab Giri

Production Assistant

Anna Hage

Voiceover Talent

Alliah Mourad

“Cell Watch,” A Poem by Susannah Nevison. ©2016 Susannah Nevison. Used by permission. This poem first appeared in Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly Magazine.


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