Directed by Savannah Leaf
Directed by Savannah Leaf
The Ayes Have It
Poem by Tianna Clark

When I think of Trayvon Martin, I think of Emmett Till,
when I think of Emmett Till, I think of young black men in the South,
then I think of young, white men in the South.
I think of my husband, who is white, born and raised in Franklin, TN.
I think of how when he tries to hold my hand,
sometimes I pull away and not because I don’t love him,
but because I’m conscience, I think of other people,
other people who are born in the South,
that remember the old South and in fact long for it.
I think about the nooses that hung on our back porch when I was little:
one for me and one for my mom,
I think about how people say,

It’s not about race, don’t make it about race,
I wish Black people would stop talking about race!

When all I‘ve ever known is being defined by my race.
What are you? Where are you from? 

I say, California,
but that’s not what they are looking for-
they are asking about my parents, what they want to know
is that my mother is black and my dad is white. I’m mixed.
So when I think about a post-racial America, I don’t-
because the trees in the South have strange fruit histories,
the roots are deep red, tangled and gnarled, so again-
when I think of Trayvon, I think of hoodies, then I think
of stereotypes, I think of skittles and high fructose corn syrup,

tasting the rainbow, and then I think of gay marriage,
then just marriage in general and I’m back to my husband
and he’s trying to hold my hand again, but the truth is- I’m scared,
because I have to love him differently in the South,
just like young black men have to think differently in the South,
they can’t just wink at any woman, Mr. Till,
just walk through any neighborhood, Mr. Martin.
Just wear any hoodie, buy any iced tea.

Someone is watching, always watching us, so when I think about
justice, I think about eyeballs, the first impression,
the action that follows, George Zimmerman stepping out of his car.
I think,
what would have happened if he had just given him a ride home?


Executive Producers

Todd Boss
Egg Creative
Claire McGirr


Edward Freeman

Director of Photography

Joel Honeywell


Pete Fullarton

In Association with

Stink Films

Story by

Savanah Leaf


Ayesha McMahon
Isiah Chambers
Ajani Johnson–Goffe
Olivia Bright

Harry Tibble
Connie Freeman
Skyla Wilson
Ayaana Aschkar-Stevens
Mulan Itoje
Pippa Christian
Laurence Sessou
Jason Ryall
Victoria Blauss


Malina Tirrell

Casting by

Savanah Leaf
Tytiah Blake

Assistant Director

Sophia Dembitzer

First Assistant Camera

Andrew Bradley
Ondrej Rybar

Second Camera Assistant

Carmen Pellón Brussosa

Steadicam Operator

Jake Whitehouse

Camera Trainee

Kairo Jones
Vivien Goddard-Stephens


Ben Miller

Art Department

Georgia Charter


Susy Etionsa


Yvette Francesca


Sophia Dembitzer

Associate Producer

Andrew Levene (Stink Films)


Oisin O’Driscoll (The Mill)


Dan Kreeger

Sound Design

Ben Chick

Foley Editor

Sophia Hardman

Re-Recording Mixer

Will Miller

Voiceover Recorded by

Warren Latimer

Voiceover Directed by

Alison Leaf


“_____45______” by Bon Iver
Written & Preformed by Michael L Lewis, Justin Deyarmond, Edison Vernon
Courtesy of Jagjaguwar

Musical Consultant

We Are Theordore

“The Ayes Have It,” a poem by Tiana Clark. ©2012 Tiana Clark. Used by permission. This poem first appeared in Raven Chronicles.


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