Directed by Tyler Richardson
Directed by Tyler Richardson
War Poem
Poem by Nomi Stone

Goldfish-shaped balloons tense

at coming fire, the sensor

reels and leaves stutter out the window

         of the cell where the translator

peels oranges for the fallen leader.

         The city dims. God

of infinite sets, god of the craters not

         visible to the naked

eye: nothing prepared me for this.

         A man crosses the city,

traveling with his sister to somewhere safe,

         at last the roar paling behind them.

But she falls and cannot walk, so he carries her.

He carries her and carries her until he cannot carry her.

Then he puts her down.

He puts her down in the shade.

A Film By

Ty Richardson

Poem by

Nomi Stone

Executive Producers

Claire McGirr
Todd Boss
Egg Creative


James Jelkin

Alexandra Chelaru


Tia Perkins

Director of Photography

Adam Carboni


Rachel Greco

A Mill+ Production
Executive Producer

Zu Al-Kadiri

Head of Content

Ian Bearce


Tia Perkins

Production Supervisor

Danika Casas

Production Coordinator

Andrew Hollingworth

Director of Photography

Adam Carboni

First Assistant Camera

Michael Girandola

Steadicam Operator

Matthew DiGregorio


Corey Gaillit

Production Designer

Joseph Polacik

Art Director

Anais La Rocca

Prop Master

Mike Campbell

Hair & Make-up

Rakhil Shamailov

Production Assistants

Theo Le Sourd
Talia Smith
Gary Phillip
Elden Jean-Baptiste


Tiffanie Young

Post-Production by The Mill
Post Producers

Tabitha Ozturk
Perry Tate


Heather Kennedy
Nicky Picardo
Kieran Hanrahan

3D Artist

Incheol Jeong

Matte Painter

Ben Walant

Colour Grade

Mill Colour NY


Nate Seymour

Title Design

Ty Richardson

Sound Design by EGG CREATIVE
Executive Producer

Eric Fawcett

Post Sound Mixer

Luke Harper

Audio Assists

Brandon Smith
Chris Code

Original Score Composed by

James Newberry


James Jelkin


Alexandra Chelaru

Truck Driver

Phillip Smith


Toi Williams
Preston Taylor


Eve Grissinger

Special Thanks

Ben Smith
Rama Allen
Angus Kneale
Barry Parkhill
Jeremy Moore
Ryan McKenna
Eve Grissinger
Alex Clark
Pat Heywood
Jameson Rich
Jenna Gelenberg
Mark Richardson
Donna Richardson
Aly Richardson
Lauren Stephenson
Chris Steitz
The LA Rocca Family
The town of Callicoon, NY
NYC Parks Department
Courier Car Rental
Baza Studio

“War Poem,” a poem by Nomi Stone. ©2017 Nomi Stone. Used by permission.
This poem originally appeared in The New Republic.


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